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The social and economic situation is truly after-coronary. I am sure that you are all feeling first-hand the situation where the society and economy are becoming more and more active day by day. On the other hand, the global challenge to become carbon neutral and the effects of soaring prices, which stem from global warming, require an immediate response, and the roadmap drawn up by MOPA (Muroran Offshore Wind Power Promotion Association) is now at the stage of being pushed forward in a concrete manner.

Since the birth of Hokkaido in 1869, the island has developed steadily due to the development of its fishing, agricultural, industrial and tourist resources and the accompanying improvement of railway lines. However, the decline in population and the contraction of the railway network have become more and more pronounced, and this trend means that a path of decline is inevitable if existing resources alone are used.

MOPA is an organisation set up with the aim of revitalising Muroran, but as it is impossible to revitalise Muroran alone without Hokkaido, we are holding 'WIND HOKKAIDO' this time to propose information on offshore wind power to the local people as one means of revitalising Hokkaido as a whole.

At this time, the Government of Japan has announced plans for the development of Hokkaido's electricity supply network with a view to renewable energy, and for wind power generation in the western coastal areas of Hokkaido. I believe that this forum will be a driving force for offshore wind power projects in Hokkaido and for the exchange of information for mutual use of ports, including the Port of Muroran, for the project plans that have been put forward, and I would like to thank all the speakers and panel discussion speakers from all over Japan for their participation.

Chairman, Hiroshi SEKINE

Objectives of WIND HOKKAIDO

  • Build momentum to attract offshore wind-related projects to Hokkaido
  • Activities to promote understanding of offshore wind

Activities of WIND HOKKAIDO

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    Forum held about once a year

  • Cooperation icon

    Cooperation with wind power-related councils and other bodies in all regions of Hokkaido

  • energy icon

    Recommendations on the energy strategy


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